Cream Hill Stock Farm was established in 1861 by Bates & Harris.  They raised prized dairy cattle, swine, sheep and Morgan horses.  Their foundation sires of the Morgan breed were "Daniel Lambert" and "Ethan Allen Jr."  Before the establishment of Cream Hill Stock Farm, there were several smaller farms .  One of the owners of the small farms was Amos Callendar who was the third person to enter Fort Ticonderoga behind Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold when they captured the fort in 1775.  

Over the years Cream Hill Stock Farm was owned by Homer Stuart, who pioneered Birdsfoot Trefoil breeding, the Farnham Family, Gene Wiley and Tom Bass who discontinued the dairy and turned the farm into a cow-calf and feeding operation in 1982. 

Paul and Rene Saenger purchased the farm in 1988 and grew the farm over the next 25 years to a successful 1600 acre beef feedyard.  The Saegner's goal was to keep the operation they built running to a new and younger operator who would continue the feedyard business.  They did not want to see the dream they built converted to dairy as an add-on to a neighboring property.

The Farm